AZ. is a unique fabric and accessories print label by German born artist and designer Andrea Zapp, based in the UK. Distinct photography, inspired by her international travel, creates vibrant collection narratives, making each item a perfect statement, collectable or special gift.

Andrea defines fabric as a screen, abstracting a moment in time of the world around us. Her images are documentary, and yet often abstract, carefully selected for their colour scope and intricate layers. Matched with exquisite block colours, outstanding textures are created on luxurious materials. Photographic origins provide a story, jolting a person’s memory. Unusual, unexpected and truly original, AZ. unisex accessories complete any contemporary style.

AZ. is based in Manchester, England, but the designs reflect our global research ethos and international background. We have a bespoke approach to fashion and manufacture and we design with natural fabrics, mostly Silk, Cotton or Modal (made of wood chip material in a low wastage production process.)

Equally, our production is globally driven and transparent:

We work in small quantities and a close relationship with Hua Cui Yuan Silk  in Hangzhou, printing on high-quality fabrics to OEKO-TEX and SGS standards, and with inks and dyes free of harmful chemicals in a responsible working environment. Hangzhou itself has been historically recognized as the “Home of Silk” in China, its rich visuals and print tradition starting around the Tang Dynasty in the 600th century and leading up to the modern day.


We also design bespoke Made-in-the-UK ranges and limited editions, predominantly with certified print manufacturers RA Smart in Macclesfield, England.


Andrea is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and is continually engaged in textiles research across the world, sharing methodologies and exhibiting projects with artisans in Japan, India and designers in Germany for instance. We are currently investigating future options for responsible hand-made production and visual surface experimentation, collaborating with artisans and sustainable craft centres in Gujarat, India.    


As part of our brand philosophy we also offer bespoke collaborations and gifting options for various purposes and partners. We will research and apply your personal or corporate story and develop striking visuals from your background for custom designed ranges in your chosen fabric and style.  


If you would like to develop a project with us, we would love to hear your brief. 


Please take a peek at our joint projects with museum collections and other commercial and academic partners to date.